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Membership terms and conditions

Kindly read carefully the conditions before filling the membership application form, membership terms and conditions 

  • Name and description of membership categories, obligations and advantages of each category and method of paying membership fees shall all be specified according to decisions of the board of founders, that will include individuals membership categories, companies membership categories and organizations membership categories (Governmental, Real Estate Unions, Chambers of Commerce etc.) that provide services or facilities to the Union.
  • The Board of Founders has the right to abolish, add or modify membership categories and advantages, in a manner that fulfills the vision of the Union, its message and the purpose of its establishment.
  • Each member should have good conduct and reputation, not involved in fraud or embezzlement cases, to be committed to the Statute and all decisions issued by the Board of Founders or its representative, to settle fees of membership on time and to present the official membership request along with all required documents.
  • Each member, when requesting for membership in the Union, should be committed to be an effective member putting public interest in advance, exerting all his efforts to cooperate, communicate, complement, benefit others and benefiting himself with all Union members, participating in the programs and activities offered by the Union, offering proposals and ideas to fulfill the objectives and vision of the Union, avoiding disputes, problems, legal cases, financial or legal claims that may cause the least harm to the Union and distract it away of its objectives.
  • Membership request is applied for through the website or through the Union office, along with providing any requested documents by the Union to ensure the fulfillment of membership requirements.
  • Membership shall not be valid unless approved by the Union along with paying membership fees within 30 days via bank transfer to the Union accounts; there shall be no need for justification whatsoever if membership is rejected by the board of founders.
  • Membership period starts for a full term at the beginning of each new year and for a period convenient to the membership category.
  • The member shall get a membership number according to registration system applied for all members of the Union as follows:

International phone code of the country + (the character) to distinguish membership category + numerical sequence according to registration date

After fulfilling all membership terms member should go forward to the Union office to receive:

- Membership certificate
- Membership card
- Personal identification cards related to the Union
- Special name and password to access the Union website

  • The member can never ask for cancelling his membership after obtaining the approval of the Union and payment the specified fees.
  • The Union has the right to suspend or cancel the membership in case of losing, violating or non compliance to membership requirements as well as in case of harming the Union in any way directly or indirectly, violating the Statute or violating any of the Union decisions or in case of inactive participation in fulfilling the objectives of the Union; whereas the member shall have no right in any way to demand the Union for any advantages, rights or financial compensations.
  • Membership would be automatically abolished if the member has submitted a resignation, declined the membership, death or if the company or legal entity is dissolved for any reason; whereas the member shall have no right in any way to demand the Union for any advantages, rights or financial compensations.
  • Once a branch is fully opened in any region, the member shall be committed to follow up, coordinate and connect with the Union through the branch, to be committed to all branch decisions that fulfills the Union interest.
  • The board of founders may modify membership system whenever it is in the interest of the Union and contributes to fulfilling its vision and message.

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