Membership Application

Membership Application

*** Prior to filling this form you are kindly requested to read the files of Advantages, categories and conditions of membership mentioned on the site

Date of membership application:

Membership type:IndividualsCompaniesOrganizations

Membership term:Annual FullPermanent

Membership category/Symbol: ______________________________

Name (Individual/Company):_______________________________


Passport number: ________________

Date of birth: ____________________

Address: Country___________City________   Postalcode______P.O.Box_____

Cell phone:______________Telephone:______________Fax:________________


What the nature of the Real Estate activity:

First activity:_________________

Second activity:_________________

Third activity:_________________

Would you like to be a candidate to have tasks and responsibilities in the Union?


Do you have any contact with one of the Union members?


For Companies that are listed in the Stock Market:

Nature of the Real Estate activity____________________

Date of listing the Company____________________

Listing registration number____________________

Capital value____________________

Current value of Real Estate assets (in U.S.D)____________________

Name of the person in charge____________________

 I have read the Statute and accept all regulations and complementary decisions and committed to them

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