Membership advantages

Membership advantages

First: To belong to the international real estate family:

That consists of individuals, companies and organizations from all sectors of the real estate industry in fifty seven Islamic countries which makes the Union with its members influential in the international real estate movement and accompanied by several advantages whereas the most important of them:

1) To list the members of the Union in the annual membership directory which is published among all members in Islamic States.

2) To have regular contact with members of the Union through communication means, public events or bilateral meetings.

3) To access the database of projects and real estate investment opportunities, that is possible to invest in.

4) To participate in the Union international travels and its top level delegations aiming to strengthen relations and successful investment partnerships.

5) To take advantage of the Union's international prestigious status in matter of achieving interests and communicating with Governments and international Organizations.

6) To obtain any special preferences for Union members such as discounts on services, finance and investment opportunities.

Second: To develop knowledge and real estate experience:

To participate in real estate specialized reunions to develop your knowledge and your chances, to facilitate the exchange of experiences, to build new partnerships and investments .. This is accompanied by many advantages, the most important of them are:

1) To join the various powers aiming to assist in strengthening and developing the real estate sector in Islamic States.

2) To attend conferences, workshops, exhibitions and training courses organized by the Union (free of cost or with low fees).

3) The "Union License" program which offers continuing learning for those connected to the real estate sector (free of cost or with low fees).

4) The "Real Estate Exchange of Experiences" program which presents the opportunity to acquire international experience through electronic and actual forums.

5) To obtain all electronic and printed Union publications, results of boards discussions, studies and real estate researches.

6) The possibility of attending world-class international events by means of Union coordination with similar international entities.

Third: To enhance the personal and professional success:

To use the Union membership to enhance the member's successful personal and professional march.. This is accompanied by several advantages:

1) To enhance the member's mental image by joining the major real estate international Organization in the Islamic Countries.

2) To grant the members luxury certificates, membership cards and identification cards bearing the Logo of the Union and that have a great moral value.

3) The possible accessibility to the markets to promote members projects, initiatives, ideas, services and endorse them amid Governments, Investors and other Union members (related to Companies).

4) To use the Union program to perform direct investment transactions (B to B) or to contribute to the Union investment fund.

Fourth: Advantages of full membership:

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, members having (full membership) get the following additional advantages:

1- Free membership for two years starting from end of the cycle where the member have enrolled, while benefiting from all stated advantages.

2) An opportunity to steer and influence discussions and decisions through participating in the work teams of the Union and through voting electronically on resolutions and suggestions proposed on the Union website.

3) To obtain regular data reports benefiting investors and decision makers in the real estate subject matter.

4) To access the database of investors with capitals looking for secured and diversified investment opportunities.

5) To hold investors bilateral reunions aiming to build up partnerships and exchange of opportunities and experiences.

Fifth: Advantages of permanent membership:

In addition to all above mentioned advantages, members having (permanent membership) get the following additional advantages:

1) Union permanent membership whereas membership does not cease except for reasons stated in the Statute of the Union.

2) The right to apply for all official posts of the Union such as joining the Board of Founders, Board of Directors, taking charge of establishing a branch or managing a branch, leading delegations in: travelling, international visits or working groups or other.

3) The amount will be deposited as shares in the (Union Investment Fund) - value of each share will be of 50,000 U.S.Dollars -, and after three operational years of the fund and based on accomplished profits, membership fees will be settled while the excess amount will be paid to the member as yearly profits (all terms and regulations applies).

4) To be invited to attend special reunions with major investors in the Islamic world and attending conferences of leaderships of States and Unions, as well as attending Real Estate international projects meetings.

5) To get a finance under MORABAHA system or interest-less Islamic loan from the Union, to support the member in presenting financial guarantees in order to obtain funding that could reach 25 times his membership shares (terms and regulations applies after reaching the minimum level for the Sustainability Investment Fund of the Union which is worth 100 million U.S.Dollars).

6) To grant the member an authorization to fix the official Logo of the Union on his projects that will be directly endorsed, recommended and promoted to investors.

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