Strategic objectives and main means of action

First objective: to enhance the member states governments economy through the real estate sector and raise it to the international standards. This objective could be achieved through the following means:

a)  to motivate investment and development of real estate resources by establishing investment companies and funds, and by strengthening investors trust in the real estate properties listed in the member states.

b)  To improve work relation and partnerships creation between the private and public sectors within the member states and communicate with decision makers to overcome obstacles that prevent developing and common work.

c)  To develop the systems and implementing real estate quality standards, as well as supporting the upgrade of residential projects standards.

d)  To establish strong relations with similar international organizations to exchange experiences and benefits.

e)  To adopt common real estate causes before committees and international media and defending the collective interests of the members.

f)  To perform real estate services required for development purposes such as studies, researches or data analysis.

g)  To develop common standards for "Best practices" in the real estate industry in terms of management, services and products.

Second Objective: to develop the businesses and successes of the private sector through communication, building relations, discovering real estate opportunities and opening horizons of investments and partnerships. This objective could be achieved through the following means:

a)  To hold and organize seminars, forums and visits of public and private delegations of real estate and investment.

b)  To cooperate with all real estate entities in the member states as to strengthen relations within the framework of the branch.

c)  To contribute to the strengthening of members relations as well as to facilitate their obtaining of any services and facilities from official and semi official authorities either inside and outside their countries.

d)  To contribute to the promotion and marketing of members projects.

e)  To prepare updated databases for investors or projects and opportunities, making them available to the members.

f)  To develop an interactive website that allows permanent contact between the members.

g)  To issue specialized periodic newsletters to circulate members professional news and their achievements.

h)  To subscribe to real estate programs and events, to accept invitations of governments, official and semi-official organizations.

Third Objective: to collect, utilize and exchange real estate knowledge and experiences among members for the purpose of providing creative services and products that surpass challenges. This objective could be achieved by the following means:

a)  To support the establishment of expertise, consultancy and training houses, as well as real estate data centers.

b)  To hold real estate conferences, forums, training programs and exhibitions, locally and internationally, as well as holding specialized reunions.

c)  To support the publishing of real estate books, studies, scientific statistics, reports and magazines.

d)  To publicize and localize the technology of smart, environmental and low cost buildings according to the requirements of  the communities.

e)  To support and adopt the implementation of academic real estate syllabuses and certificates, along with pathways to graduate professional real estate experts and agents.

f)  To offer or coordinate scholarships in the field of real estate to nationals of member states.

Fourth Objective: to embrace initiatives of individuals and establishments that upgrade real estate industry in the member states. This objective could be achieved through the following means:

a)  To support creativity in projects and services of the real estate sector.

b)  To offer real estate awards for creative projects and individuals, and to highlight their qualitative initiatives.

c)  To hold the Real Estate Union forum (conference and exhibition) to be a platform that exhibits all new innovations and initiatives.

Fifth Objective: to furnish specialized qualitative services to governments of member states. This objective could be achieved through the following means:

a)  To support donors in guiding, executing and supervising their reconstruction, residential development and infrastructure projects in member states.

b)  To have an active platform to present the governmental projects to the elite of investors in the world.

c)  To strive to find real estate professional references for legislation, observation and arbitration among member states.

d)  To attract delegations of investors from all the countries of the world in order to visit the member states, to invest and to learn about its advancement.

e)  To provide support (including cooperation and finance) to local and international initiatives that should push or should result in promoting, developing and representing the real estate sector in member states.

f)  To establish services and partnerships agreements as well as bilateral memorandums of cooperation with members or with any other third party who accomplishes the objectives of the Union and supports the success of the members, or accomplishes the development of the Islamic countries in terms of infrastructure, housing or investments.

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