In February 2017, the Real Estate Union in Islamic States signed in Riyadh an Agreement of cooperation and coordination with the National Committee for Real Estate affiliated to the Council of Saudi Chambers. H.E Dr. Mohammed Mufarreh, Chairman of the Board of Founders, represented the Real Estate Union in signing the Agreement, while the National Committee for Real Estate was represented by its Chairman H.E Mr. Hamad Al Shuwaier in signing the Agreement.

Dr. Mufarreh declared that this Agreement comes as a pioneer and an unprecedented step to cooperate in servicing the investors in real estate sector. It is based on a number of areas of cooperation such as granting membership and the exchange formula, when needed, on any local or international occasions, while enhancing the bond with local and international institutions to achieve common vision and objectives.

This is in addition to the cooperation in servicing the investors in the real estate sector, strengthening the links between them and cooperate, contribute to the welfare of their interests, represent them and highlight their common issues locally and internationally, while creating more advantages and opportunities for them. The exchange of information was also present in this Agreement with regard to events, conferences and governmental and private projects of added value nature to all parties.

From his side, the Chairman of the National Committee for Real Estate, Mr. Hamad Al Shuwaier, clarified that this agreement comes within the efforts of the Committee to serve members and investors through the collection, recruitment and exchange of real estate knowledge and expertise in order to provide consultation, studies, services and exceptional products to the public and private sectors aiming to develop the real estate sector and its associated links. H.E concluded by saying that the most important areas of cooperation are the adoption and promotion of initiatives of individuals and institutions that promote the real estate sector.

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